5 Types of Rugs that will Enhance the Living Space of your Home

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Its Friday evening and you have invited guests over to your house over wine and cheese. Scenario one could be that your living room floor is bare and cold, which makes your guests, feel uncomfortable. Scenario two would be that there is a beautiful handmade carpet right in the center and is the cynosure of every eye. We bet you prefer the latter case.  A lot of people would be of the notion that a nice wooden or a marble flooring would be good enough. However, it is not the same. A handmade rug has its own charm and exudes ultimate sophistication to one’s space.  There are 6 types of rugs that would put your floor under the spotlight.

1)  Silk Rugs:

Hand knotted Kashmir silk rugs are known for their softness and suppleness. They are of high quality and have intricate craftsmanship. These are extremely fine rugs and their designs have basically been originated from Persia. Silk rugs are usually recommended for less traffic area since they require high care and maintenance. But at the same time, they provide luxe to one’s space thereby giving it a rich look.


2) Woolen Rugs:

Handmade woolen carpets are usually made in fine quality wool where the wool can either be the finest from New Zealand or can be Indian wool. They are of superior quality and usually come in modern/contemporary patterns or typical traditional designs. They are highly conducive for high traffic areas and are extremely durable. By placing a woolen rug on the floor, one can be comfortable and decorate their space at the same time.



3) Kilims:

Kilims are flat woven rugs with no pile or knots. They usually come in hues of brown, maroon and cream colors and have a slightly rustic look. Their design is mostly geometrical and is great for low maintenance areas and high traffic. By using a kilim rug, one can decorate their living space with more of wooden interiors.

 kilims Rugs

4) Afghans:

If you are looking for a one of a kind look for your living space or even for an office, an afghan rug is the best choice one can make to cover their bare floor. They are distinct, usually made in earthy tones and their design is inspired by nomadic lifestyle. Most of their patterns are geometrical and have traditional designs.


5) Modern/ Contemporary rugs:

A contemporary design carpets are a perfect solution for a floor in a room with modern interiors. They can be of several types namely, hand knotted, hand tufted or machine made. We highly recommend hand knotted modern rugs due to their soft texture and high durability. The designs are usually geometrical and more chic looking.

Modern Rugs

Hence, with these comprehensive choices of different types of rugs, one can easily cover their bare floor and beautify their space with these handmade pieces. So, next time, when you have guests over, one can easily feel proud and be sure of having their stunning rug as a topic of discussion.