Top Rug Design Trends for this Season

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Are you bored with the look of any given space in your home? Do you feel tired of cleaning the same old boring rug that has been there since time immemorial? They say a picture speaks a thousand words. However, a rug talks volumes. Step up your game and get a brand new floor covering by following the hottest rug design trends this year. It can be extremely over-whelming to find a good quality and an even better design rug. There are many factors that need to be considered when buying a stunning piece that would almost last you a lifetime.


Floral Design rugs are a breath of fresh air and evoke a spa-like aura in any given space it is placed in. They give an inviting look and make the room look fresh. It is recommended to go in for a rug with bold floral patterns if the interiors of the room are light and subtle. However, on the other hand, if the decor of the room is colored or has dark tones, it is suggested to pick a rug that has tiny floral motifs that shall make the room look bigger and more spacious.


Geometric design rugs enhance the beauty of any giving space with their unique patterns. A geometric rug consists of several types like box shaped, circular, triangular patterns amongst several others. Such carpets are most suitable for spaces with simplistic decor. It should be noted that if such rugs are placed in a room, the decor should not have any floral wallpapers or any decor with bold patterns.


 Very often, all that a room requires is a plain rug that would add life and buoyancy to any room it is placed in. One should keep in mind that plain rugs with single colored tones are best suited for rooms with floral, geometrical and contemporary decor. The idea is to place such a rug that would provide vibrancy to a space and that matches with the rest of the decor. A light colored plain rug is recommended for a smaller room to make it appear bigger than it is. On the other hand, a dark plain rug is best suited only for large sized rooms.


Such rugs are versatile, empowering and practical. Striped rugs are a beautiful way to decorate your home. Striped rugs can range from subtle to classical to modern looks and cleverly manipulate the look of your room. Horizontal striped rugs draw attention towards other elements of a room while a vertical striped rug does just the opposite.  The key is to place a bright striped rug that shall be the cynosure of every eye in any given space.


 A pictorial rug often represents an art like image on the rug. Such rugs are most ideal for wall hangings and are the center of attention of any given space it is placed in. Pictorial rugs could be either in the form of “Tree of Life” or depict a particular scene from a painting or a time-period. They are masterpieces and can be passed on from generations and generations to come altogether.

To conclude, it is best to pick a handmade rug from the aforementioned design types that shall enhance the beauty of any given space it is placed in.


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