Medallion rugs versus All Over Pattern rugs

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Choosing a rug design can be quite cumbersome. In today’s fast paced world, picking a rug for your space should be the least of one’s problems. However, it is important to know what kind of carpet would one want to pick to adorn his or her living space. A traditional rug can be usually be categorized in two types. On one hand, there are rugs with a medallion in the center of the piece that is generally a large floral pattern.  On the other hand, there are other types of pieces that have an all over floral or geometrical pattern. There are various factors to consider as deciding what kind of rug should one go in for.

Medallion Rug:

A medallion is also know as the centerpiece of the rug and is a big motif design pattern placed right in the center of the rug. When choosing a rug with a medallion pattern, it is highly recommended not to place a table on top of it. Placing any piece of furniture right in the center of the carpet not only covers or hides the medallion design but also ruins the whole look of the room.


It is best to place furniture like a table, a decorative piece etc. on the sides or corners of the rug. This way the middle design is visible and the look of the entire room is also enhanced.  Some experts are of the notion that the medallion designs stems from religious nature of the craftsman or weavers. It seems that their inspiration probably came from domes of the mosques or its artwork.

All over Pattern Rugs:

All over Pattern rugs are those types of carpets that do not have a medallion in the center of the piece. Such rugs have an all over running pattern and can either be geometrical or floral. These rugs are formed by repetition of the same motif. The design is woven by nomadic weavers and the motif of a carpet can be used to determine the particular tribe, or place of origin.


Experts highly suggest placing a piece of furniture when placing a rug with an all over pattern and without a medallion. Placement of such furniture or decorative items in the center of the rug, break the monotony of the running design pattern of the rug and also create more room to place other items on the four corners around it. In such rugs, all parts of pattern are interconnected and usually drawn without the designer’s hand being lifted.

Hence, though it is an individualistic choice to pick a rug with or without a medallion, it is highly suggested to choose one according to the look of the room and place the furniture accordingly.

Top 3 Rug Cleaning Hacks and Tips

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Now that you have made a significant investment in purchasing that rug you have always wanted, it is important to educate yourself on the cleaning, care and maintenance of the same. The fact of the matter is that intensive rug cleaning should be done atleast once in a year to get rid of bacteria, dirt and bugs. Although it is recommended to give your rug to professional rug cleaners, these DIY tips could be useful in order to maintain your expensive carpet.

1. Vacuuming:

It is important to know as to how to vacuum one’s product. It should be noted that a rug should always be vacuumed in the direction of the pile of the rug and not against it. If vacuumed against it, it will ruin the carpet and decrease its longevity. Also, it is recommended to use gentle suction and vacuum the rug from both sides. Lastly, make sure that vacuuming is not done very powerfully since the fur of the rugs or threads might wear or tear.



2. Stain Removal:

Imagine if a guest spills red wine on your most favorite rug or your little pet dirties the carpet. Fret not. It is easy to get rid of these stubborn stains if done in a timely manner to ensure the stains don’t sit around for too long. Wool on its own is stain resistant, however cotton on the other hand absorbs stain fast. It is recommended to take a damp cloth and immediately wipe off stains. Mild shampoos and eco-friendly products like baking soda and vinegar can be used to wipe off small stains. For major stains, it would be wise to give your stained rug to a professional dry cleaning rug specialist.


Stain Removal

3. Rug Grooming:

Grooming a rug is just as important as cleaning a rug. It is advised to take a brush with dense bristles to fluff the fur and straighten the fringes of your carpet or rug. It would also be nice if one could lay down the rug in natural sunlight once in a while to prevent accumulation of dirt. Another quick way to groom your rug is to keep using the rug and not just keep it in storage. In this case, once the rug is used, it is easier to maintain and clean the same.

Rug Grooming.jpg

Rug Grooming

With the above mentioned tips and tricks once can easily maintain an expensive rug and ensure that the investment in it is worth it. It is easier to buy a carpet but it can be a cumbersome process to maintain the same.

5 Types of Rugs that will Enhance the Living Space of your Home

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Its Friday evening and you have invited guests over to your house over wine and cheese. Scenario one could be that your living room floor is bare and cold, which makes your guests, feel uncomfortable. Scenario two would be that there is a beautiful handmade carpet right in the center and is the cynosure of every eye. We bet you prefer the latter case.  A lot of people would be of the notion that a nice wooden or a marble flooring would be good enough. However, it is not the same. A handmade rug has its own charm and exudes ultimate sophistication to one’s space.  There are 6 types of rugs that would put your floor under the spotlight.

1)  Silk Rugs:

Hand knotted Kashmir silk rugs are known for their softness and suppleness. They are of high quality and have intricate craftsmanship. These are extremely fine rugs and their designs have basically been originated from Persia. Silk rugs are usually recommended for less traffic area since they require high care and maintenance. But at the same time, they provide luxe to one’s space thereby giving it a rich look.


2) Woolen Rugs:

Handmade woolen carpets are usually made in fine quality wool where the wool can either be the finest from New Zealand or can be Indian wool. They are of superior quality and usually come in modern/contemporary patterns or typical traditional designs. They are highly conducive for high traffic areas and are extremely durable. By placing a woolen rug on the floor, one can be comfortable and decorate their space at the same time.



3) Kilims:

Kilims are flat woven rugs with no pile or knots. They usually come in hues of brown, maroon and cream colors and have a slightly rustic look. Their design is mostly geometrical and is great for low maintenance areas and high traffic. By using a kilim rug, one can decorate their living space with more of wooden interiors.

 kilims Rugs

4) Afghans:

If you are looking for a one of a kind look for your living space or even for an office, an afghan rug is the best choice one can make to cover their bare floor. They are distinct, usually made in earthy tones and their design is inspired by nomadic lifestyle. Most of their patterns are geometrical and have traditional designs.


5) Modern/ Contemporary rugs:

A contemporary design carpets are a perfect solution for a floor in a room with modern interiors. They can be of several types namely, hand knotted, hand tufted or machine made. We highly recommend hand knotted modern rugs due to their soft texture and high durability. The designs are usually geometrical and more chic looking.

Modern Rugs

Hence, with these comprehensive choices of different types of rugs, one can easily cover their bare floor and beautify their space with these handmade pieces. So, next time, when you have guests over, one can easily feel proud and be sure of having their stunning rug as a topic of discussion.

Yak Carpet: Best Handmade Carpet Store in India

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As a discerning buyer, one is often confused when it comes to buying a good quality handmade carpet. Considering there are several factors that help decide upon that big purchase, the carpet really needs to speak to oneself. Behind each rug there is a story that speaks volumes and involves intricate workmanship. Given the fact that bargaining is nothing new to the Indian market, buying a rug can be quite cumbersome. A buyer is often lured by rug dealers selling skills and gets carried away by the same.


One such carpet store that spells total quality and is one of Asia’s oldest and largest handmade carpet establishments is Yak Carpet. The company is synonymous with its name where the animal “Yak” is considered loyal and reliable. Similarly, Yak Carpet is amongst the only few that guarantees quality products and provides prompt service to its customers. More than selling products to their clients, they believe in providing in-depth knowledge to their clients and ensure that the customer is fully satisfied and knows what he is buying.

Yak Carpet : India's No 1 Handmade Carpet StoreThere are several types of handmade carpets namely silk, woolen, Afghans, kilims, modern or contemporary rugs. A pure Kashmir silk rug is considered to be fine and provides extra opulence to any existing space. Many a times, for a layman it is hard to distinguish between a pure silk and artificial silk rug. Yak ensures to educate its buyers by showing them how to test the two types, count the number of knots and learning about the weave of the rug.

Yak often holds seminars and “Carpet Talk Sessions” to educate rug enthusiasts and carpet connoisseurs about the fine art of carpet weaving. Since their inception in 1976, Yak has shipped more than thousands of rugs to clients worldwide and till date, they are highly recommended through word of mouth by satisfied customers. For customers, who are physically unable to visit the store, one can shop online through Yak’s e-store

Hence, with an establishment like Yak around the corner, one doesn’t have to worry about buying a good quality rug. They say it is crucial to be genuine enough to stay in business. Similarly Yak only sells rugs and not “Ethics”

Tips and Guide : 5 Popular Myths and Facts about Rugs and Carpets

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According to a famous adage, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” But Yak Carpet is of the opinion that, “Beauty lies in the hands and eyes of the weavers.” Weaving a good quality rug is certainly not like buying vegetables from a grocery store. It is a complicated process and requires thorough knowledge and skilled craftsmanship to make a perfect rug. With the influx of too much information available via different sources, a lot of people have various notions about rugs and carpets. We have listed a few points that shall bust these popular myths about rugs and carpets:


Weaving Process of a Rug


Myth 1: A machine made rug is more durable than a handmade rug

Fact 1: A handmade rug, which is woven by skilled weavers, is much, more durable than a machine made rug.

Myth 2: Buying a silk rug, means I’m getting a pure silk rug.

Fact 2: A silk rug can either mean a pure or artificial type of rug. It is best to perform the “burning test” in order to detect if the rug you are investing is a pure silk or artificial/synthetic rug.

Myth 3: Cleaning of rugs should only be given for washing to dry cleaners?

Fact 3: It is highly recommended to not give your rugs for cleaning to dry cleaners who might use chemicals that are only meant for cleaning of garments and in turn can spoil your precious rug. It is best to give your rugs for cleaning only to rug specialists who are masters in their field for best results.

Knotting Process of a Rug

Knotting Process of a Rug


Myth 4: For a modern décor, only a contemporary design rug will be best suited

Fact 4: That’s completely false. In contrast to the popular belief, a traditional design rug would also be best suited for a modern type of décor. Such rugs are inspired by Persian motifs and provide an extremely sophisticated look to the space. Hence, whether the interiors of the space are modern or traditional, a Persian design rug would certainly be best fit for the area.

Myth 5: The value of a good quality rug decreases with time

Fact 5: The fact is just the opposite. If a rug is made with great quality material, be it silk or wool and has great color combinations, unique design pattern etc. it would certainly appreciate with time. As time elapses, a good quality rug ages like fine wine. Moreover, considering how laborious the rug weaving industry is, there is more demand than supply which makes your special rug go up in value.

Hence, as a discerning buyer,  it would be wise to follow this quick guide prior to investing in a good quality handmade rug or carpet.

Enter The Magical World of Handmade Rugs and Carpets

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They say a beautiful handmade carpet is perfectly synonymous with an intricately crafted piece of art. The history of making handmade carpets is an ancient technique which has been mastered by expert weavers over a period of time. Each hand-knotted rug is uniquely woven with precision and takes approximately 4-5 months to weave depending upon type, knots, design, quality and other variables.

Handmade Wool Rug

Once a person decides to make that big purchase, he is often lured by marketing gimmicks and can easily be duped by rug dealers. The key is to learn by educating oneself on the art of carpet making and knowing about the technical know-how and the intricacy involved in each rug.

Afghan Rug

A good quality rug usually is of 3 types in terms of design pattern, namely traditional, transitional and contemporary. Each rug differs by thread count and the type of weave. The weave of a rug can be classified as hand knotted, hand-tufted, hand-loomed and machine made. The most superior of them is hand-knotted which on an average easily takes about 4-5 months for a standard sized rug with 2 weavers working on it at the same time. The types of rugs can be stratified into various categories like silk, woolen, afghan, Persian, kilims, modern or contemporary rugs to name a few.

Wool Round Rug

The most superior form of rugs is pure silk that are intricately woven and usually have a curvilinear pattern. Each traditional rug whether its in wool or silk or a combination of both is inspired by Persian motifs. The designs originate from various provinces in Iran and some of the common ones are Hamadan, Kashan, Qum, Bokhara etc. to name a few. On the other hand, contemporary rugs draw inspiration of today’s modern interior décor and strive to complement the rest of the décor with geometrical or subtle patterns.

Wool Rug for Bedroom

A good quality hand woven rug is defined by various characteristics like weave, knots, design, pattern, color combinations etc. Any living space without a rug is like a wall without a painting. An intricately woven rug not only enhances the beauty of a space but also adds extra warmth and comfort to the area. If one invests in a good quality carpet, it can easily be passed on from generations to come altogether. To conclude, Yak Carpet experts highly recommend vacuuming your precious rug on an everyday basis but in the direction of the pile of the rug. If one accidently spills liquid or has pet stains, it is recommended to use a damp cloth to wipe the stains inside out and provide ample sunshine to the rug prior to giving it to a rug cleaning expert.